That time of the year

Christmas is days away but I’m not feeling very festive. Things have really picked up at work this month. My floor manager was transferred to another branch and as a result management reshuffled staff between floors – myself included. I’m a firm believer that change is good but I couldn’t help feeling somber when the day came.

It’s been two weeks since I moved. It’s been a steep learning curve and I really struggled initially. Everything was so overwhelming compared to what I was used to. Now I have bigger responsibilities and manage an even larger team. I was so stressed I would dry-heave, although that has stopped. My colleagues have also commented on recent my weight-loss. I do not feel any resentment against management for moving me. I understand that this was necessary and the overall experience has assisted in my personal development.

The only thing I really miss is my old team. They were the people I worked with since relocating to the new site.


What happened

There’s always a risk of embarrassing yourself whenever you publicly announce you will do something and don’t follow through. For example, when you tell all three of your readers about wanting to participate in an international program to teach English abroad. Instead, you decide that Melbourne is your home and you would much prefer life here.

If it isn’t obvious already, I’m talking about myself and my announcement earlier this year. I never bothered explaining it until now.

Friends and acquittances have heard on multiple occasions about my desire to relocate to Japan. There’s still a large part of me that longs to be there but the odds are not favourable right now. The challenges of living alone abroad in a foreign country alone is difficult enough, let alone hoping that a teaching role would eventually lead to a more relevant field of work.

Another reason I decided against this initial decision is because of recent developments at work. There is currently a position available that is more aligned with my business background. Furthermore, it is a global company so it is reasonable to assume there is greater opportunities to move up. With our headquarters in Japan, it is also quite possible I will be able to travel there for work. This also begs the question “why Japan?” but I will save the answer for another update.

In the mean time, I have chosen to build my career with this company here in Australia. I work directly with a diverse group of interesting individuals and apply my skills in a practical way. It’s a fast-paced environment and makes the day go faster. Obviously there are many challenges involved, as evident in my previous updates, but that’s the same with any job.

Even if one day you find yourself self-employed or the boss of a large corporation, there will always be some kind of hurdle ahead. I believe the key to overcoming those difficulties is to maintain a positive mentality, remembering your priorities in life and finding contentment.

Right now that is how I feel, content.

Five Years Later

On this date five years ago, I registered and created this blog. Back then I was a wary eighteen-year-old who just completed her secondary studies and was awaiting for news that was supposed to determine the outcome of my adult life.

I have since graduated from university, actualised my dream of studying abroad Nagoya, tried and failed at a long-distance relationship, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, became a legal member of society, found my current job, obtained my Learner’s Permit, and dyed my virgin black hair brown.

This blog has also evolved over the years. At the very beginning, I wanted to use it as a platform to share my restaurant experiences and reviews on beauty products. Later on I wrote about my travels in Asia, starting with a year-long series focusing on Malaysia.  I even dabbled in videography. As time passed, I continued writing about these topics but never forgetting to share my emotional journey towards adulthood.

In all honesty, I didn’t intend to blog today; it never occurred to me that today was my blog’s anniversary. It just so happen I was reading an article through LinkedIn and saw a notification on WordPress.

The blogosphere has transformed greatly since I started blogging at the tender age of sixteen. There used to be such a strong sense of community. Whenever someone comments on your post, you return the favour and check-out their blog. It’s how you make new friends, and it’s also how I met my friend Kevin. (He’s one of the few people who still posts regularly, check him out.)

Now everyone who used to blog have made the migration towards micro-blogs. I’m also a culprit of this act. It’s just more convenient; you can update and share your thoughts instantaneously. Whereas writing a post requires more time and thought. Although my updates are scarcer recently, I still enjoy the process of accumulating my thoughts and reorganising it in a more cohesive way.

Even though I have not met many successes, I’m still grateful to have documented the more significant moments of my mundane life on this site. Whenever I read my older entries, I get washed over with a wave of nostalgia. It’s also entertaining to see how my perspective has changed and how differently I prioritise things in life. There are some cringeworthy moments but I don’t foresee myself abandoning this blog as I have with my previous blog (‘Peach Evolution’ and ‘Carpe Diem’).

So, thank-you for those who have been following along. Here’s to the next five years!