Sweet Escape

It’s hard to believe I didn’t make any mention of my vacation in Langkawi; it was the main reason I was overseas last July. Not to mention, it was an incredibly memorable trip.

We travelled to Langkawi was because my brother’s host parents were visiting Malaysia. To thank them for their hospitality over the years, he organised an all expensive paid trip for them. Mum and I tagged along to help entertain them.

As far as timing goes, we flew off the day after Mum and I returned from Singapore. As a result, we didn’t have enough time to repack our luggage. It was a pity because the two of us prepared plenty of loose clothing to beat the heat. I must admit, the temperature in Langkawi was probably lower than Melbourne the past week.

A van was rented to move us around during our three day stay. To our dismay, the car was old and filthy. On top of this, there was barely any petrol in the tank. We payed quite a bit too.

Our first stop was The Loaf at Telaga Harbour. I was surprised to learn that The Loaf is owned Dr. Mahathir! I remember when he was Malaysia’s PM, that was quite a long time ago. Regardless, it was such an honour to dine at there. It’s a lovely bistro. The food was enjoyable and the ambience was delightful.

We ordered quite a variety of dishes including the avocado wrap, the pesto pasta and the mushroom soup. I really enjoyed the wrap; there’s something fulfilling about eating something healthy on a hot day. If I visit again, I want to try out their baked goods and as the uhuhu cheescakes.

With full stomachs, we took a short drive to Langkawi Cable Car. The scenery was amazing. Although it was terrifying at times to see how far up we were. It’s a real pity the sky was hazy that day. I’m sure it’ll be even nicer without the smog.

After purchasing a pair of slippers and a swimsuit at Oriental Village, we checked in at Berjaya Resort. Once we settled in, my cousin sister and I went for a quick swim at the private beach followed by a quick dip at the swimming pool. Our first night ended with a buffet at the cafe near the lobby, a few matches of table tennis and a lovely walk back to our chalets.

The next day started early. We had breakfast at the beachside restaurant, which served freshly squeezed juices. Their hash browns were also atypically shaped, which impressed me more than it should’ve. Halfway through breakfast, I realised I forgotten to transfer the photos from Pepper to my laptop. It was overflowing with the shots from Singapore. So, I rushed back to our chalet to sort it out. On the way back, I saw a wild monkey eating a banana.

I wasn’t really surprised. There was a banana tree right outside our front door. One of them even left a nice little souvenir… if you know what I mean. There were also plenty of flying squirrels around. I saw one glide between trees during our walk back the night before. They don’t seem too phased by people.

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Epilogue: Malaysian Adventures 2012

We’ve finally reached the end of what seemed to be a year’s long journey. It’s funny to think that it only took me a month to travel around Malaysia but another ten months to write about it.

That aside, I wanted to end things with a some extra pictures from my trip. I originally wanted to make two collages but I’m not very good at that… so once again, let me paint you some word-pictures.

I’m just kidding, I managed to make one collage. The above was my best effort to squeeze in all the yummy food I made with my nephews and my cousin’s wife. As I might’ve mentioned in one of the posts, I went to Malaysia during the Lunar New Year season. Readers living in Asia will probably understand that this is a pretty big deal. Malaysia, of course, goes all out for the festive celebrations with firework displays, over-the-top decorations and plenty of good food. It’s fair to say that you will probably gain some weight over LNY!

The other thing I noticed was the huge Angry Bird craze that hit Malaysian shores. Angry Birds is undoubtedly successful, but I didn’t know it was so popular there. There were Angry Birds slippers, LNY decorations, pillows, backpacks, playing cards, futons, you name it and they’ve got it! I bet you can even find Angry Bird themed packets of tissue. It goes without saying that these items are unlicensed, but regardless of that they are still adorable.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has been reading this series. I must also apologise for how tardy I have been with these posts. I have to admit, I bit off more than I can chew with the number of posts promised. Whether it is online or offline, I usually have a problem committing to the projects I begin. This is why I am very proud that I managed to finish what I started this time around. Furthermore, this project has also help me explore my preferred writing style and has encouraged me to continue blogging.

Once again thank-you for your support and I look forward to our next adventure together!

Chapter 3 – Part 3 : Leaving Cameron Highlands

As I mentioned in my previous post, Cameron Highland is home to most of the vegetables grown in Malaysia. So it’s only common sense to purchase some local produce before heading home.

It seems like we weren’t the only ones who felt the same ways. Markets like these are quite common in Malaysia but be careful when you cross the street because there might be cars driving right behind you. Make sure to keep an eye out your handbags too!

Just like the stalls at Lata Iskandar, there are a lot of snacks for sale. The corn on cobs were the juiciest and sweetest corn I have ever tasted, and I don’t even like corn that much. I think my opinion on corn may change if I visited Cameron Highland on a regular basis.

If you prefer, fresh corn can also be purchased. It’s so fresh that the corn silk is still attached, I was tempted to buy one because it reminded me of Mei from My Neighbour Totoro.

In addition, there were also plenty of other fresh veggies up for sale. Such as radishes, carrots and cauliflowers.

As you can see, they sell a variety of cauliflowers- many of them larger than the size of my head. I love eating cauliflower but I am ashamed to say I didn’t know that they grow in other colours. I wonder if they taste the same, like whether the pink oyster mushroom from Genting Highland would taste like regular  oyster mushroom. Anyone mind shedding some light on this topic?

That is it for chapter, in fact … we’ve reached Malaysian Adventures 2012! In comparison to the previous two chapter, this one is relatively short. I blame my terrible memory but it really cannot be helped. Hopefully I will do a better job next time! There’s going to be an epilogue for the whole adventure, so come back tomorrow night if you are interested!