Fun in NGV

If I recall correctly, I was onboard a flight back from Taipei last Valentines. It was rather uneventful, although this year is no different. My morning was spent editing footage from my visits to NGV last month.

As usual, the internet was giving me grief and I couldn’t upload it until Sunday afternoon.

On our first visit, we saw the popular Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibit. Unfortunately the upper levels were closed during our first visit, so we returned again later during the week to see everything else.

I really enjoy visiting the National Gallery of Victoria. There’s just so much to see and many of the exhibits are interactive, not to mention free of charge!

Believe it or not, I was there four times in a span of one month. I’m not even that enthusiastic about art!


Taipei 2014: SIID CHA

For this post, I wanted to skip straight to the food. Why? Because that is actually one of the first things Mum and I did when we finally reached Jiufen (九份).

Perhaps it was the cold rainy weather but we were famished after visiting the Gold Museum. Taipei is pretty vegetarian friendly in general but we had a little difficulty when we were in Jiufen. Eventually we stumbled upon SIID CHA (吾穀茶糧 SIID CHA 食茶館) and decided to dine there for lunch.

Many of the restaurants and stores in Jiufen are perched along the slopes of the mountains; the scenery was breathtaking.

From the exterior, SIID CHA had a very industrial look. To bluntly put it, it looked like a slab of concrete. I quite liked the feel of it though.

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Taipei 2014: Gold Museum (黃金博物館)

If I could go anywhere in the world right now it would be Taipei. But since I can’t, I might as well blog. In case you need a refresher, I visited Xindian in my previous entry.

As far as the timeline goes, there was a week between that entry and this post. There’s nothing to write from that week because I was at a meditation retreat in Jinshan (金山). It was actually the reason Mum and I were in Taiwan but we extended our trip by two weeks to shop and sightsee.

With that said, we only spent one day travelling around. The weather was miserable during our last week in Taipei. In fact, there was an earthquake the day before we left!

Moving along.

We hired private driver to show us around Jiufen (九份). It left an impression on us ten years ago and we wanted to go back again. On the way there, we stopped by a few places in Ruifang (瑞芳). The first was The Yinyang Sea (陰陽海).

It continued to rain on the day of our visit. It was difficult to see with the waves crashing into one another but there are two distinct colours in the water. The soil nearby is rich in iron pyrite, resulting in the natural phenomenon. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert, so please read this article if you’d like to find out more. It seems to be worth the visit when the water’s calm.

After admiring the ocean view, we continued up the mountain.

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