Finding Happiness

It’s the end of another working day which means I’m here to write another work-related post. I don’t want to turn my blog into a rant page but I desperately need to vent and increasing the word count of this post helps ease my frustration.

Continuing from my recent update, my confidence at work has increased fractionally. I’m becoming more comfortable with my responsibilities. However the early starts are drowning my positivity. On top of this, management keeps changing my roster. It is already very irregular but now I can officially bid farewell to my social life. I shouldn’t complain though, at least I get one weekend off every month. I am understandably frustrated.

Whilst I was rolling in bed trying to recover from my upset stomach, I came to an epiphany about my current situation. I was annoyed because I felt like work has stripped me of my time and freedom. This is inaccurate. I have twenty-four hours in the day, just like everyone else. I, alone, determine how those hours afterwork are spent.

If I want to have a more fulfilling life outside of work, I need spend my time wisely and pursue my hobbies; I’d love to work on my writing and improve my ukulele skills. I’d also like to practise more Japanese and cook/bake frequently. I already feel happy thinking about it.



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