Of Work & Things

I came back from Japan two weeks ago. It was a great family holiday and a much needed visit to my favourite country. Each time I return home, I feel more revitalised. However, this short-lived feeling is followed by a sense of longing. I wonder when I can go back again.

Since arriving in Melbourne, I begun working full-time. I’m also looking to receive my first promotion in November.

The hours are long and irregular but the people are fantastic. My company is relocating and upsizing, so we have many new recruits. My current role involves overseeing tasks and training newcomers, which is a nice change from my responsibilities as a casual staff.

Today was a particularly challenging day.

It felt like I was tossed into the deep end of a pool and I have let down my team. I had a list of tasks that needed to be completed, but we only finished half. There are still so many things that I am learning, am I really the right choice for this role? I wish I was better at my job, but I know this will only happen with practice and time.


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