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Once again, I have fallen off the radar. My latest post was published December last year, it’s now the middle of July. I ought to apologise to the few that still reads my humble little blog.

Actually, the last couple of months hasn’t been very exciting. My life consisted of two things: studying and working.

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I also turned 23, so there’s also that!

Compared to my third-year, this semester was child’s play. However, that didn’t stop me from worrying. That’s just who I am, a worry wart.

The results were finally released last Sunday after what seemed like an eternity. I recall the exact moment: Steph texted me on Messenger, “let’s celebrate“. That was when I realised my grades came out early.

I frantically refreshed my inbox to be greeted with an email from the Exam Services.

Digital Marketing ‘C’

Marketing Implementation and Planning ‘D’

New Media … ‘P’.

Yes, ladies and gentleman: I AM GRADUATING THIS SPRING!

Truth be told, I am more excited with the Pass I received than I am with the Distinction.

I would probably spiral into madness if I had to extend my course by another semester. This is not because I don’t like studying. Studying is OK, I enjoy the long vacations. It’s Media Studies I can’t stand; the assessments drives me insane. My greatest regret was choosing it as my minor.

But it’s over now. It’s finally over.

I’m always talking about the next chapter of my life on this blog, but this time I have no idea what will happen next. I always thought I will know what I want by the time I graduate. I guess not and there’s no guaranting I will find out any time soon.

So, I am currently taking a break and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. I’ve recently picked up the ukulele, which has been a lot of fun! I’m also considering enrolling in some short courses as well as blogging more.

Blogging forces me to recall my memories and process my thoughts, and to organise them in a coherent way.  I miss doing that and I really wished I spent more time the past two years writing about my experiences.

So consider this my return to the blogosphere.


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