The Decision to Wait

How do you know when you’re making the right decision? Most of the time, you don’t — well, not until the moment is over. I guess that’s the reason so many people are obsessed with the concept of time travelling. Let me stop there because that’s not the purpose of this post. Tonight I’ve made an important decision.

You see, I’m greedy. Studying abroad in Japan has changed me. It has given me a lifetime’s worth of great memories, broaden my perspective of the world and allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people in the world.

I left Australia seeking for answers but only to return home with more uncertainty. That experience caused me to question myself, my potential and my future. There’s a lot I don’t know about the world, but I want that lesson to be learnt abroad in Japan.

Since coming home, I’ve been juggling with the idea of participating in the JET Programme as an Assistant Language Teacher.

There’s just a few small problems. For one, I don’t finish my studies until June next year — which makes it incredibly risky for me to apply for a July departure. Secondly, I don’t want to miss my graduation ceremony. I don’t see myself pursuing further studies, so this may literally be a “once in a lifetime opportunity.” There’s also the matter of my current finances.

The deadline is approaching quickly and I’ve yet to begin. I remember applying for another exchange program during high school. I managed to submit my application in time, but it wasn’t my best effort. I knew it wasn’t. Needless to say, I did not get in.

With everything at stake, I want to make sure I am putting my best foot forward: I will wait for the next intake in 2016.

This gives me half a year to focus on saving up and brushing up my language skills. I also intend to study for the JLPT N2 and volunteer during this time. It will also be a nice break; I have been studying for the past sixteen years. There’s a lot on the line: I’m literally putting a halt on pursuing my professional career. With that said, I’m feeling reassured.

Do you recall the saying “all roads lead to Rome”?

Although I may not be taking the conventional route of finding an office job immediately after graduation, it does not mean I am bound for failure. Success is measured in more ways than one. As long as I’m working hard and pursuing my dreams, I have succeeded.


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