Back Home in Melbourne

I’m baffled that it has been two months since my last update. Before leaving I told myself I would blog regularly – so much for that!

It was probably for the better. Rather than being caught up with documenting the moment, I was living it. I have little regrets. However I pray that my memory will be good enough when it comes to future updates.

I’m slowly adjusting back to life here in Melbourne; uni has already started and on Tuesday, I will be back to work.

The hardest part about leaving Japan was bidding farewell from the special people I met. In addition to that, the uncertainty of when we will meet again – although that’s the case with good-byes.

As I always like to remind myself, all good things must come to an end. What I tend to forget is that life is a never ending journey.

I wonder what the upcoming months will be like.


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