Let’s try again

I admit, I’ve been slacking off lately. Many of my friends has asked about an update and I always respond the same way: “it’ll be some time next week!”

Weeks have passed and I’ve waited until the last day of January to publish my first post of the year. Great progress Viv.

The truth is, I haven’t been up to much. Work has slowed down after the holiday rush and they haven’t called me in for a shift in weeks. That’s the struggles of being a casual employee.

My lack of income and declining funds is causing me to stress out a little. As it turns out, maintaining an active social life costs a lot!

I’ve considered taking up a second job but it’s a little difficult since I’ll be leaving in March. Not many people are keen to train a new staff only to have them run off on an adventure two months later. Don’t get me started on internship hunting!

Speaking of adventure, I’ve received another email from my host university. Things are looking up, which means I have to get serious about budgeting soon. In addition, I have to prepare an itinerary and a packing list. Perhaps I will share it here at a later date.

On the topic of sharing, I’m trying to revive my YouTube channel. It’s not as easy as it seems; I still feel awkward in front of the camera.

I want to get better at producing content regularly; future me will be grateful to look back at well captured memories. Any tips or suggestions for getting motivated? haha


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