Moment for Life

An old habit of mine during high school was to use lyrics as my post titles. I haven’t done that in a while and I thought I’d make an exception for this post.

I’ve been working at a retail position for the past nine months. Three months ago I relocated with some of the original staff.

My new team is relatively smaller. However as they say, it’s quality over quantity. Everyone at work is so hardworking and helpful; they make going to work worthwhile and enjoyable.

Tonight we had our first Christmas party at Hog’s Breath Cafe. The turnout was impressive, even our store managers were there.

Dinner was nothing special, but one could not complain about a free meal. Each department had also organised Kris Kringle presents, which was distributed by a colleague dressed as Santa Claus. Despite having well over forty staff, we cheered for each person as they received their presents.

Time flew by. Before we realised, it was the end of the night. The store managers gave their words of encouragement and everyone started to part ways.

In short, I had oodles of fun. I rarely take part in afterwork gathering and I’m so glad I attended this party. I wish there was some kind of way to capture this moment.

As happy as I am, I feel a little upset knowing that the next Christmas party will be different. There’s no doubt about it.

I wish there was some kind of way to bubble up this wonderful moment in my life. But nothing’s permanent, so I will just have to cherish the present and be thankful for the past.


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