Summer is officially here in Australia. Well, it’s currently raining outside but that’s Melbourne for you. At least our hydrangeas will be happy.

The past week has been great. I’ve been catching up on sleep, which has been doing wonders for my skin. I still feel lethargic, but it’s probably because I’m oversleeping. I’ve also been catching up with a few of my friends.

Last Friday, I dropped by T by LuxBite with E. I’ll probably write a more comprehensive post later in the week. Before that, we had lunch at Kaneda Japanese Restaurant; I didn’t realise they were so popular.

I also saw another good friend on Sunday. The weather was quite hot, so we wanted to order naengmyeon from Kimchi Hut. Unfortunately they only open in the evening, so we ended up at Monga Sweet Lounge. It wasn’t the best dining experience; you can read my updated review here. Luckily I had such great company that day, or else that day would’ve sucked.

On other fortunate news, I submitted my application form this afternoon! I finally spoke to the exchange co-ordinator in person. She’s a really nice lady and I’m so fortunate that she’s managing my application. NUCB’s Undergraduate Exchange Programme seems incredibly comprehensive. I really look forward to take part in it!


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