One step closer

On Thursday July 31, 2:09PM I submitted my application to spend one semester abroad in Japan.

There’s not much I can do now except to pray for the best, although I’ll be content with whatever the outcome is. I started this journey almost a year ago and I’ve jumped through many hurdles to get to where I am now. It’s funny to think I was just going to give up like that.

As a part of the application, I had to write a statement of purpose. This gave me a chance to sit down and figure out my reasons for wanting to study in Japan. There was a 500 word limit, so it wasn’t as comprehensive as it could’ve been.

I thought I might as well share it here. After all, I have been sharing each step of my application process so far.

I have edited certain parts for security reasons but don’t worry, it doesn’t take away anything. Now, if you will excuse me while I hide in embarrassment…

My name is Vivien and I am currently undertaking a double-degree in Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts.

I am in my third year and I would be love the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in Japan before completing my undergraduate studies.

Japan holds a special place in my heart. My interest in Japanese culture started at a young age. As a child, I spent many afternoons reading Anpanman and Doraemon – two of the most beloved picture book series in Japan. Despite not understanding a single word, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My fascination continued throughout my teenage years. After some encouragement from my parents, I began learning Japanese as a second language during high school. My appreciation and love for the culture grew as I continued studying.

Unfortunately, much of my understanding comes purely from textbooks as I have yet to visit Japan. It has always been my dream to travel there and this program will give me with the perfect opportunity to do so. In addition, studying in Japan will help improve my ability to speak and comprehend the native language.

Furthermore, living alone in a foreign environment will teach me many important life lessons. Not only will I build more self-confidence, I will also become more independent and aware of my surroundings. More importantly, I will be able to better my communication skills and gain more in-depth knowledge about the way of life in Japan. Hence, providing me with a competitive advantage in the future.

My intention after graduating is to work overseas, specifically in Japan, Taiwan or Singapore. Going on this student exchange will give me a realistic expectation and perspective on life in Asia. Moreover, it is a chance for me to meet a diverse group of people and thus broadening my network. This will be tremendously helpful once I begin working.

With that in mind, I have chosen to study at Nagoya University of Business and Commerce (NUCB). This university would be the most ideal study environment for me as it is a business school. They are heavily focused on providing students with comprehensive skills to succeed globally and offer many of its business units in English.

 It is situated in the thriving city of Nagoya; the largest city in the Chubu region of Japan. Nagoya is rich in history and offers good balance between the modern and the traditional aspects of Japanese culture. Living in that region will certainly provide me with the best of both worlds.

I am hardworking and motivated. I also enjoy learning about different cultures and exposing myself to various challenges. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I firmly believe I will be a suitable candidate to represent this university.



  1. The Girl in Blue Jeans · August 4, 2014

    Pretty good :) Good luck! :)

    • Vivien · August 4, 2014

      Thank-you! : )

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