I’m Okay

I wanted write a follow-up to my post last night. I know a lot of people I care about read this blog and I don’t want to add to their worries. So here it is, plain and simple:

“I’m okay!”

This morning I saw my doctor and she kindly provided me with a note explaining my circumstance. I’ve sent it to my lecturer along with a heartfelt message. There’s still no guarantee that he will accept my apology but it is something and that’s enough to keep me assured.

“I have tried everything and whatever will be, will be.”

Today’s paper went pretty well – you know, considering how sleep deprived I was. After it was over, I went to have lunch with Mum. On the way there, I discussed with her my contingency plan.

In the situation where I fail, I would forgo studying abroad and redo the unit next year. I could also consider studying Mandarin in Taiwan during the summer and use my arts electives to continue my Japanese studies here.

If I was still really keen on living in Japan, I could take a year off after uni and undertake the JET Programme. This would involve teaching English somewhere in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Now that I’ve considered my options, I’m uncertain about whether I want to study in Nagoya anymore. The units I’ll be taking doesn’t interest me and the amount of money needed is putting me off.

Plus, I love Taiwan! The idea of brushing up my mother tongue in a familiar environment is quite appealing.

We’ll see how things pan out though. It feels good knowing that this whole mishap won’t be the end of me.


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