The Study Plan

It’s been forever since I talked about my application to study abroad. I guess I’ve been too caught up with my studies and work that I’ve forgotten all about it.

The deadline is in two months and I hear it takes the faculty its time to approve study plans. So, I compiled everything into a cute binder. Hopefully the colourful tabs will prevent them from forgetting about me.

I can’t believe how much paper this document needed. I only have to complete ten units whilst I’m in Japan but they recommended submitting extra units incase there are any changes in the course.



  1. Mai · April 18, 2014

    Good luck with your application! One of my biggest regrets when I was in university was not studying abroad (but I later got to live that dream when I went to work there). Do you know which area you’ll be studying in ^^?

    • Vivien · April 18, 2014

      Hehe, thank-you! I’m still feeling really anxious about going but it should be a good experience. If I get accepted, I’ll be studying in Nagoya. I hear the cost of living is slightly lower there compared to Tokyo.

      Any word of advice for living in Japan? ^ ^

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