Full to the Brim

Instead of going to class today, I spent the day laying in bed and watching videos on YouTube. Unfortunately the recent changes in weather and recent stress made me sick (more or less). It’s nothing serious but I needed the day off to unwind. I also figured that I won’t get well any time soon if I didn’t get some rest. That aside, I feel a little guilty for the lack of productivity. So, I thought I might make up for it by updating my blog!

Recently, I discovered that Glen Waverley’s Monga Sweet Lounge no longer served the ‘Taste of Vegetable” Set Lunch*. Since then I have been searching for something better. Lucky for me, I found BrimCC Japanese Organic Soup Cafe.

BrimCC is a short-walk from Southern Cross Station along Little Collins St; it’s very easy to find. Seating is limited with a long table in the middle and three smaller tables along the windows. They were packed on both occasions I visited. However, a majority of their customers were office workers. So seats are (somewhat) plentiful in between rushes.

I’ve tried their soba noodle salad, vege curry, and the Vegetarian Special. The soba noodle salad was nice; you can’t really go wrong with soba. The Vegetarian Special was also very refreshing. It has a homely feel to it, kind of like something you could only find at home – minimal oil and no MSG. I also really liked the pickled vegetables.

Their vege curry was out of the world. It’s so good it deserves its own paragraph! Haha. Honestly though, compared to Purple Peanut, who is just a street away and equally busy, I prefer BrimCC. It has this sweetness that makes your mouth salivates with each bite. I proudly admit that I finished the whole plate myself – which is something considering my small appetite. There is option of order it in a half-half set, you can pick your choice of curry plus a salad or a soup. You can even do a double-salad set. The options are endless! Next time I go, I want to try the Tokyo Bento or the Hiya Yakko… that is if I can resist ordering the vege curry again.

Delicious foods aside, here are more reason why I like this cafe:

  1. Purely vegetarian dishes. Vegetarian food are hard to find and although many places provide a few vegetarian options, they are generally bland. I love it when restaurants design a specific menu for their vegetarian customers – it makes me feel special and welcomed. BrimCC also runs their own ‘VV Project’, which you can read about it here. They’re also vegan friendly!
  2. Owned and run by Japanese. I’ve mentioned it awhile ago but I’ll say it again: Melbourne has plenty of establishments that sell Japanese food but too few are decent. I find that the food they serve are more inspired by Chinese cuisine than anything else. With that said, the dishes BrimCC are truly authentic. Furthermore, the level of service is on par with what is expected of Japanese restaurants.
  3. Wide variety of dishes. Aside from vegetarian dishes, there are also non-vegetarian dishes. This means you can take your non-vegetarian friends there with you. I’m fortunate enough to have friends that are accommodating but I have also encountered people who were polar opposites.
  4. Organic ingredients. This is just an added perk but it certainly makes me feel less guilty when I’m pigging out on curry rice.
  5. Super affordable. You would probably think that eating there would cost you a limb or two but it doesn’t! The majority of their lunch menu is under $10.
  6. Vegetarian Japanese Food. I know this is a little repetitive BUT you rarely see these three words in one sentence. So yeah!

*A quick note: it is still possible to order some of dishes previously included in the set lunch.



  1. Mai · March 22, 2014

    I’m not a vegetarian myself (I find that I never feel satisfied/full after an all veggies meal), but it’s great that this restaurant is authentic and affordable! Most, if not all, Japanese restaurants in my area are either a) influenced by other cultures or b) really expensive!

    • Vivien · March 24, 2014

      Yea! It’s a pity that it’s so far away :( But it’s worth the travel though.

      Thanks for the comment by the way. I love your blog! It makes me so excited to visit Japan.

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