It was H’s birthday on Sunday. Unfortunately due to the timing of everything, S and I couldn’t celebrate with her on the actual day. Instead, we celebrated at her house on Friday.

I was the first to arrive. The two of us spent a little while trying to figure out how to play videos on her TV directly from her USB. When that failed, we sat in her living room and chatted. It wasn’t long until S came knocking at the front door.

We spent some time watching anime. The original plan was to marathon Ouran, instead we watched the latest episode of Nagi no Asukara. I haven’t been watching anime lately but I enjoyed it. It’s amazing to see the improvements and changes in the animation.

Once we finished, we moved onto Gin no Saji. I discovered it late last year and it has been one of my favourite anime series since then. I thought it would take a while before the new season was subbed but I was wrong. I guess it’s been so long I forgot how this works.

A little later, H’s friend L arrived. I was a little anxious about meeting L; I get anxious about meeting new people. Our meeting felt a little odd. Her face seemed really familiar yet I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It’s like I’ve met her before… and my instincts were right. L and I studied actually Japanese together three years ago. I haven’t seen my other classmates since our exam. A small world huh?

For lunch, H prepared ingredients for mul naengmyeong. I was pretty excited since I’ve only had bibim naengmyeon. H was also sweet enough to prepare a vegetable broth for me! Thanks H!

I peeled the pear, S marinated the vegetables, H was the head chef. The final results turned out really delicious! The pickled radish L’s mum made was also out of the world. I really enjoyed it. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to cook some soon.

Here’s another photo because H’s new lens is incredible and this post is getting way too long.

For dessert, we had everyone’s favourite: Peter’s Party Cake. There was a few of us and H didn’t want any leftovers. So, we split it up amongst us and ate it whilst watching Parent’s Trap. It was perfect because it was another forty degree day in Melbourne.

That concluded our little get together. I left early but that only makes sense considering I was the first to arrive… hahahah. Thanks H for having us over : ) I hope we didn’t cause you too much trouble.


One comment

  1. Hilary · January 26, 2014

    Haha it was no trouble! P: It was great having you guys. : ) I should work out how to play videos on my TV for next time though..

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