Sweet Escape

It’s hard to believe I didn’t make any mention of my vacation in Langkawi; it was the main reason I was overseas last July. Not to mention, it was an incredibly memorable trip.

We travelled to Langkawi was because my brother’s host parents were visiting Malaysia. To thank them for their hospitality over the years, he organised an all expensive paid trip for them. Mum and I tagged along to help entertain them.

As far as timing goes, we flew off the day after Mum and I returned from Singapore. As a result, we didn’t have enough time to repack our luggage. It was a pity because the two of us prepared plenty of loose clothing to beat the heat. I must admit, the temperature in Langkawi was probably lower than Melbourne the past week.

A van was rented to move us around during our three day stay. To our dismay, the car was old and filthy. On top of this, there was barely any petrol in the tank. We payed quite a bit too.

Our first stop was The Loaf at Telaga Harbour. I was surprised to learn that The Loaf is owned Dr. Mahathir! I remember when he was Malaysia’s PM, that was quite a long time ago. Regardless, it was such an honour to dine at there. It’s a lovely bistro. The food was enjoyable and the ambience was delightful.

We ordered quite a variety of dishes including the avocado wrap, the pesto pasta and the mushroom soup. I really enjoyed the wrap; there’s something fulfilling about eating something healthy on a hot day. If I visit again, I want to try out their baked goods and as the uhuhu cheescakes.

With full stomachs, we took a short drive to Langkawi Cable Car. The scenery was amazing. Although it was terrifying at times to see how far up we were. It’s a real pity the sky was hazy that day. I’m sure it’ll be even nicer without the smog.

After purchasing a pair of slippers and a swimsuit at Oriental Village, we checked in at Berjaya Resort. Once we settled in, my cousin sister and I went for a quick swim at the private beach followed by a quick dip at the swimming pool. Our first night ended with a buffet at the cafe near the lobby, a few matches of table tennis and a lovely walk back to our chalets.

The next day started early. We had breakfast at the beachside restaurant, which served freshly squeezed juices. Their hash browns were also atypically shaped, which impressed me more than it should’ve. Halfway through breakfast, I realised I forgotten to transfer the photos from Pepper to my laptop. It was overflowing with the shots from Singapore. So, I rushed back to our chalet to sort it out. On the way back, I saw a wild monkey eating a banana.

I wasn’t really surprised. There was a banana tree right outside our front door. One of them even left a nice little souvenir… if you know what I mean. There were also plenty of flying squirrels around. I saw one glide between trees during our walk back the night before. They don’t seem too phased by people.

The coach came to pick us up after breakfast and off we went for our mangrove boat tour. Once we arrived, we were placed into groups. Along with an Indian couple and a young German girl, we formed our little family. On our tour, we saw bats, eagles, snakes, and monkeys. In addition, we saw wild dolphins. It was heaps of fun riding the boat! The sea breeze felt so nice against the skin.

Before lunch, we went to a secluded beach. The water was incredibly clear, you could even see the ikan bilis swimming around. After that, we boated off to a floating restaurant called Hole in the Wall. Adjacent to it was a fish farm.

You know how people say “location is everything?” Well, if I was being honest, I would say that the location is the only thing this place has. Our guide, Khirien, told us the restaurant is situated at the site of where an old mountain used to be. That aside, the food was very mediocre.

Speaking of tour guides, if you are visiting Langkawi and you intend to go on a boat tour, I highly recommend Dev’s Adventure Tour. They know what they’re doing and their staff are well-informed. We learnt so much during the few hours we were with Khirien. He reminds me of Will Smith, he’s got that type of persona. I’m almost sad that the group photo we took with him disappeared.

The German girl and I chatted over lunch. Her name is Laura and as it turns out, she is also a vegetarian. She also spent some time studying in China. She was currently doing home-stay in Malaysia and her host parents had brought her to Langkawi for a short visit. On the way back, she asked if she could spend the afternoon at our resort. I reluctantly said yes because I don’t deal well with being put on the spot. I couldn’t exactly say no… which I should’ve because Mum told me off. My cousin sister and I spent some time with her at the beach and the pool. She told me a bit about her life, including the education system in Germany as well her aspirations. She seemed really worldly. It’s inspiring to meet people like this. I feel the need to get out of comfort zone and something exciting with my life.

We exchanged contact details and sent her home. I wonder where she is now.

For our last night in Langkawi, we had dinner at Berjaya Resort’s Pahn-Thai. It is a Thai restaurant in the middle of the ocean. We made reservations for around sunset but unfortunately it was cloudy that evening. Regardless, the view was still spectacular. However, I still prefer dining on land.

I’m not sure whether it was because I was famished but the food was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed the green curry and mango salad. Their desserts were tasty too.

The sky cleared as the night progressed. We could see the stars and the moon shone brightly above the water. In the distance, we could see lights from the near-by town. We spent some time spotting the different constellations as well as figuring out the direction of Australia and Japan relative to where we were. The whole experience was truly unforgettable.

This is one of those memories that I will always look back fondly upon.


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