New Years Eve 2014

Each year our temple organises a big event on New Years Day. My family and I are usually quite active in organising this event. As such, New Years Eve is typically quiet affair; Dad and I would watch the fireworks display on TV and then call it a night.

This year we did something special and went for dinner at St Kilda. We had made reservations at Ichi Ni Izakaya. It has an amazing view of Port Phillip Bay but to our dismay, they fenced up their restaurant.

We made an effort to try all their vegetarian options. They had quite a few interesting dishes. The first dish that arrived was the Wasabi Potato Salad. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t anything mind-blowing and the portion was tiny. Like, really tiny.

Next up was my favourite dish of the night: vegetable tempura. You only get one of each vegetable and a generous serving of their original tarte. It was beyond delicious! I was annoyed that the waitress took away our sauce before asking. I had a bit of carrot that went sauceless.

Another dish we tried was their Yaki Onigiri. This was a first for me, I haven’t seen this in any of the other restaurants. The weather was getting a little chilly as the sunset, so this perfect. I wonder if it is difficult to replicate.

Other than that, we also had the Vege Roll. I wasn’t not impressed with their presentations, but at the same time, I’m relieved to see that they don’t waste the ends of their rolls. The Vegetable Gyoza is really similar to ones served at Waya – except you know, more expensive.

Similar to the potato salad we ordered, all the servings were really small – they are definitely not made to be shared. The prices are quite steep as well. Having said that, their service and atmosphere was quite nice. It has quite a modern feel to it and the staff were quite friendly. Kudos to them for keeping that up during such a busy dinner session. Overall it was a pleasant experience but with that said, I don’t think I will go out of my way to eat there any time soon.

As a separate note, I do not recommend the Field Mushroom. For what you are paying, you should be getting something more special.

Taiko drums started to play as we left, but I was more eager to leave than to stay for the performance. I wore my peep-toe slingback from Trent Nathan, I never learn. My feet were sore before we even arrived at the restaurant.

As soon as we entered the door, I changed into PJs and removed my make-up. I woke up at 5AM that day and had a full day at the temple. We spent the rest of the night watching Princess Diaries 2 and snacking on biscuits. Our (expensive) dinner didn’t fill us up.

Before we knew it, it was already 12AM. Somehow we missed the countdown. We only knew the New Year had come when we heard the fireworks outside. All of us rushed to the balcony with our Appletizers and party poppers. The view was spectacular. We saw all the fireworks in the city go off simultaneously in one amazing view. It’s a pity I couldn’t capture the moment with my camera.

There were also people who released paper lanterns into the clear night sky. It reminded me of the time when we released paper lanterns a few years ago. It’s definitely more impressive from afar.

We went straight home once the fireworks ended. I think everyone was pretty partied out. So, that is how I welcomed the new year. It was definitely one of the more memorable ones by far.


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