I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Wonderbao lately. I found them through The Good Hearted but my friends who attended The Age Good Food Month Night Noodle Markets also raved about them. The event ended a few days ago but fortunately their store is located conveniently close to Melbourne Central.

If you are planning to visit, listen carefully: Ignore their official address. Instead, head down Little LaTrobe St and turn in at Literature Lane. Once you turn, you will have no trouble finding them then.

I arrived at Wonderbao ready to get myself a Vegie Pack. However, it wasn’t available for another half an hour. To kill time, I ordered a hot cup of their homemade soya milk. I really liked it. It was simply delicious but next time I want to try it chilled.

The Vegie Pack includes three different buns: ‘choi bao’, ‘taro bao’ and ‘fried silken tofu gua bao’. Here is a link to their menu. Out of the three, my favourite is the last one. The first two were nice but they weren’t anything extraordinary. The fried silken tofu gua bao on the other hand is in its own league. It was worth the wait.

In terms of pricing, it is quite reasonable. Taking into consideration the cost of an average meal in Melbourne and not to mention how healthy it is, I would gladly eat at Wonderbao any day.

I grew up eating these little delights. Whenever my family and I have yum cha, I would make sure to save room for one or two buns. Sometimes Mum will steam some for me to bring to school. It’s nice to see a modern establishment take on a traditional dishes like steam buns.

The point being: keep up the great work Wonderbao! More people need to try these delicious wonders – get what I did there? hahaha



  1. kitfinite · December 6, 2013

    I swear the guy in the photo with his hand over his mouth is my cousin lol

    • Vivien · December 6, 2013

      Hahahha, it probably is! You mentioned he works there right?

    • kitfinite · December 6, 2013

      Lol correct-timo :)

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