It’s Complicated

It’s been a week since I last talked about my application for studying abroad. As planned, I spoke to a course advisor yesterday. Unfortunately my scenario is complicated and the lady tending my questions wasn’t experienced enough to answer them. I had no choice but go back again today.

The good news is everything works out perfectly. No delayed graduation for me, woohoo! That said, I need to overload next semester. I’m not too fussed because I get to study Japanese. You can imagine my excitement. I haven’t studied Japanese since VCE and it’s something I miss dearly. I’m considering overloading again the semester after. It’s not necessary but I’ll be able to finish my arts sequence and ensure I’m prep for living in Japan.

All I have to worry now is the courses I will take in NUCB. Transferring credit is a pain for everyone, so I have the task of providing as much information to my faculty. I learnt today I need to undertake a total of TEN courses in order to earn four units worth of credit points. This may mean I have ten exams. Holy crap.

However, I was told exchange programs involving a large number of courses are usually manageable. As long as I keep up with the weekly readings, I should be okay. I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

At this point in time, I feel relieved. A lot needs to be done in the upcoming months but it seems manageable. The idea of going abroad seems more tangible now but I can only pray that I continue to feel this way for the rest of the process.


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