My Best Memory of 2013

One of favourite memory from this year was my visit to Singapore with Mum. It was very memorable because it was my first time travelling to Singapore. To top it off, I was given free reign of the itinerary. We left straight after I completed my exams, so I didn’t have time to plan out where we were going or how we were going to travel around. Despite that, the whole experience ended up being quite fun.

I want to be able to remember this for as long as I can, so I decided to write an extensive post about my adventures there. I also made a short video. You might want to watch it before reading this post.

After spending two days in Kuala Lumpur, my mum and I flew to Singapore via Air Asia. The flight was only an hour, which is great because flying makes me feel sick. As soon as the plane landed, I dashed off to the toilet. I was pleasantly surprised to see how clean the toilets were. It always amazes me how different Malaysia and Singapore is. They’re so close to each other yet the atmosphere is completely different.

The first thing we did was drop off our luggage. For this trip, we stayed at Studio M Hotel. It was quite interesting because each suite was a mini loft. Fortunately for us, we were upgraded to a premier loft. The service was fantastic, the staff were very friendly and polite. My only complaint would be the lack of public transport nearby. However, taxis are readily available upon informing the front desk.

Moving on, we headed out for lunch. Per my request, we went to Raffles City for MOS Burger. The croquette burger was really nice and the serving was perfect. I was disappointed with the iced tea though, I guess I’m too used to Lipton’s brew. Another thing that surprised me was the number of senior citizens working at MOS Burger. It’s not a common sight in Australia.

We then took the MRT down to Orchard Road.

We spent quite some time at shu uemura. I wanted to purchase a foundation at Changi Airport but they didn’t have any stock. I had no choice but to buy it at ION, which wasn’t so bad because I was still able to get it duty free. Afterwards we headed along the shops on Orchard Road. We tried to find a supermarket but ended up shopping at Isetan. Before you know it, we were hungry again. We settled for the first place we could find, Coffee Stars by Dao. I recommend the spinach lasagna, it was delicious!

Our second day was very eventful. We kicked-off the day with shin-ramyun and Muji’s soft cookies. I tried eating a guava whole but to no avail. I had no choice but to eat mini bananas instead. Dole produces some of the sweetest bananas, good on them.

The original plan was to visit Sentosa Island, however mum and I were exhausted. It has been nonstop action since we flew to Malaysia. So we improvised and decided to go sightseeing nearby.

One short taxi ride later, we arrived at Marina Bay Sands. Mum and I took the liberty of wondering the lower floors. Luckily for us, we found the underground pathway to Gardens by the Bay. Upon arrival, there was a signage for a shuttle service. We purchased two tickets and it was the best decision of our day – we wouldn’t have made it very far on our own. We then sipped took a brief walk around while sipping on Iced Yuzu Tea from Seventh Heaven. The heat really took a toll on us and we decided to return to Marina Bay Sands.

For lunch, we ate japchae, kimchi and a fruit salad. I found it really difficult to find vegetarian food in Singapore. What do vegetarians there usually eat? We window shopped a little then rode the MRT to Promenade. After a quick stop at Parco, we continued onwards to Singapore Flyer. It’s amazing, a must-see. I would love to go back there again in the evening.

Downstairs of Singapore Flyer is the Singapore Food Trail. Mum was very happy because it reminded her of when she was younger. We celebrated by feasting on hawker food – popiah, chai tao kway & ice kacang.

Whilst eating, we realised there were a lot of soldiers around us. There were also military tanks parked outside. Only then did we realised they were rehearsing for the National Day Parade.

Another MRT ride later, we arrived at Merlion Park. It was packed. Many people were there to get a preview of the NDP program – which was taking place across the river at National Stadium. I’ve always wanted to see the Merlion in person and now I have. It was one of the many highlights of my trip. On the way home, we saw fireworks. The Singaporean government really spares no expense in preparing for the NDP. Although I wasn’t there for the actual event, I feel very lucky to get a sneak peek.

We then went back to the hotel and ate our last cup-noodle as well peanut muah chee from Singapore Trail.

For our last full day in Singapore, we wanted to visit Sentosa Island. Before heading out, we ate the mini bread loafs we purchased the day before. I also had a bottle of OJ, which was very refreshing. Once we were ready, we took a taxi down to Mount Faber Station to ride the cable car. The sales person recommended the basic package. It included complimentary drinks at The Jewel Box. The view was stunning. Whilst enjoying our chilled glasses of Sprite, we saw a cruise ship docking in between the main land and Sentosa Island.

The Singapore Cable Car Ride took us directly to Imbiah Lookout. We met our guide ‘Mel’ there. She was very bubbly and full of energy. She reminded me of my piano teacher.

We were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sentosa Island on the Tiger Sky Tower. Then, we hopped a tour bus which led us to Resort World. Our first stop was the S.E.A. Aquarium. After being wowed by the giant Chinese ship in the foyer, we joined the long queue to enter the aquarium. There was so much to see, perhaps too much. I wish my feet weren’t so sore, I would’ve gone back and looked at the displays at the entrance.

Before dining at Chillis, we took an obligatory photo in front of Universals Studio. Despite the large serving, Mum and I still able to finish the mushroom carbonara and vegetable quesadilla we ordered.

On the way home, we got lost. We rode the bus back to Imbiah Lookout only to learn that we actually needed to take the monorail from The Merlion. Eventually we arrived at Vivo City and had a little time to shop around. For dinner, we ordered take out from the food court. Our feast included: fruit salad, Hakka Thunder tea & Tan’s Tutu Coconut Cake.

We had to wait in line for 30 minutes before we caught a taxi. I was impressed with well-ordered nature of the people waiting in line. Even at the MRT stations, people would actually let passengers exit before entering. Many of the commuters here in Melbourne less considerate. That aside, we had one of the best meals of our trip that night. I admit, it was probably because it was the first meal that involved rice, haha.

Our flight back to KL was at noon but Mum and I decided go to Changi Airpot in the morning. We’ve missed a flight in the past, so we’ve definitely learnt our lesson. Since I did a poor job at planning, Mum and I didn’t shop a lot during this trip. Many of the places we visited were  too high end. They didn’t have what we were looking for.

To our surprised, there was a boutique in Terminal 3 that sold many garments we liked. It made sense for us to spend our remaining SGD there. I also purchased a BMO shirt at separate stall. Who knew shopping at an airport could be so much fun?

That concludes my four days in sunny Singapore. As I said in the beginning, this trip really special. Not only was I able to visit Singapore, I was also able to spent time with my best friend and role model – my mother. Despite earning so little money, she insisted on bringing me to Singapore. I told her I didn’t mind not going but she said she made a promise and she was going to keep her word. I couldn’t be more thankful for such a kind and loving mother who always puts my wants and needs ahead of hers. 

Thank-you for everything Mum. I love you.



  1. kitfinite · December 2, 2013

    Awww you’re the sweetest daughter, ever! You make me feel bad on how I act around my parents sometimes lol :s

    • Vivien · December 5, 2013

      Thank-you Kitty, I try my best!

      I get where you are coming from though. Sometimes I get frustrated at my parents too :( It’s horrible but I try to remember that they do what they do out of love <3

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