Don’t Hold Back!

Last Saturday E invited me to watch footy with her. Despite being born and raised in Australia, I haven’t been to a single match. Plus, I haven’t hung out with E in a while. So with these two reasons in mind, I gracefully accepted.

We arrived just in time for lunch. I had quite a late breakfast, so we decided the best option was to go yum cha for lunch. E hasn’t eaten at Oriental Teahouse before, so I recommended we go to the one in Little Collins St. There’s quite a variety of vegetarian options at Oriental Teahouse, my personal favourite is the vegetable dumplings. I also ordered the raspberry lime iced tea, although it was barely up to par with their franchise in Chadstone.

Once we finished stuffing our faces with soy sauce fried noodles and mushroom rolls, we swiftly made our way to MCG.

The station and road was packed with people, which is not surprising as Carlton and Richmond has two of the largest fan-base (or so I’ve been told). I found out later that day that over 60,800 people turned up for that match.

After picking up our ticket (and additional freebies), we headed towards the stadium. Our seats were located at Gate 1, which was in the opposite direction of where we were.

Our seats were beyond amazing, it was right up close to the action. E and I thought we would be placed pretty far back but we thought wrong. The location of our seats definitely influenced my decision to stay for the whole match.

As the game progressed, I began cheering along with the crowd. E is a fan of the Richmond Tigers, so naturally I barracked for the same team. It was an incredibly tight match that everyone on the edge of their seats. To our grave disappointment, Richmond lost. Many Tigers fan left just before the match ended, we followed suit – having to hear Carlton’s theme song just rubbed salt to our wounds.

To finish the night off, E and I dined at Gong de Lin. There weren’t many people when we arrived, so they waiters gave us a nice seat by the window.

The shop is a little hard to find, which is located on the third floor. To get there, you have to take a lift which is located inside ANOTHER store. Although there are large signs there, so I guess it isn’t that difficult. From my knowledge, Gong de Lin are one of the few vegetarian restaurants that serve Chinese dishes. So if you are vegetarian and you are craving for Chinese food, you know where to go.

Prices are a little beyond the reach of an unemployed university student, although the servings are quite large. It’s a good idea to bring some friends along, Chinese food were made to be shared anyways. If you do end up going, definitely try the bean curd dumpling. Unlike typical dumplings, this one uses thinly sliced tofu skin – it is both healthy and delicious. I also recommend their hot soy milk, it’s creamy and not overly sweet. Overall, this restaurant is a good option for vegetarians and vegans in the CBD area.

Now, back to that media essay I’ve been putting off…

E: If you are reading this, thank-you so much for this wonderful experience. You’ve definitely opened my eyes to the world of AFL. Go Tigers!


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