The Pug Life

It may not be very obvious online, but fact is: I love pugs. If there was such things as a ‘crazy pug lady’, I will probably be the living embodiment of that. Just ask my friends! The instant I find a funny/cute pug picture, I will send it to them or tag them on Instagram.

There’s something about their round beady eyes, fat rolls and concerned expression that make them incredibly loveable. My obsession with them started during high school. My love for them has continued to grow since then. In fact, it is my life time goal to befriend a pug breeder – that way I have 24hour access to pug puppies!

I’m shocked that I haven’t made a post about them yet, considering how much I adore them. As the saying goes “it’s better late than never” and my recent purchase gives me the perfect excuse to do so.

I’ve been avoiding shopping online but I couldn’t resist when I saw this pencil case. It is a part of Gemma Correll’s Pickle Parade collection on Whimsy and Juno*. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for: cute, unique and practical.

Now I can carry a little piece of Gemma Correll’s creation wherever I go. I really like the cartoon Gemma draws, they are adorable and not limited to just pugs. She also shares the same appreciation for puns as myself, which makes her extra cool in my books.

You should check out her Instagram (@gemmacorrell). She’s the owner of two adorable pugs, Pickles and Bella, who are always make an appearance on her Instagram.

On the topic of cute dogs, I thought I might compile a list of Instagram dogs I follow religiously:

I also made a playlist on YouTube featuring my favourite doggy videos. I always watch these when I need a pick-me-up, now you can enjoy it too.

*I highly recommend this webstore. The owners, Laura and Sarah, goes the extra mile by handwriting little notes and decorating the envelope with washi tape. It goes to show how much they love what they are doing. Their range of items would make perfect little gifts for friends and such. The fast delivery is also a major bonus as well :O



  1. Sheryl Tee · August 15, 2013

    Adorable pencil case! Just checked out their website, they have so many adorable little things. Thanks for sharing!

    • Vivien · August 15, 2013

      It was my pleasure! : )

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