I Left My Heart in Asia

As promised, here are the photos and tweets I uploaded during my vacation in Malaysia and Singapore. The dates did my head in a little but this should be quite accurate. An extended version will be coming later, which will be password protected. I have yet to decide whether I’ll share the passcode on Facebook or send it out to people who contact me, let’s see.

For now, please enjoy this post.

July 16

“Currently on the way to a sweet escape, see you Melbourne!”

July 17

“Touch down!”

“Day 1 was pretty good: refrained from buying too much, had good durian/jackfruit/mangosteen & went brunette. Hoping Day 2 brings more fun!”

July 18

“Day 2: Bought new kicks, had the best cup of hot soy, saw my nephews & feasted on Dragonfruits. Onwards to adventures in sunny Singapore!”

July 19

“Day 3: Arrived in SG, visited Orchard Rd, stocked up on make-up & skincare. Looking forward to doing some sightseeing on Day 4.”

July 20

“Day 4: Visited Marina Sands, Garden by the Bay, Singapore Flyer & Merlion Park. Also witnessed the NDP rehearsal, it was breathtaking.”

July 21

“Day 5: Dropped by Sentosa via cable car. Saw beautiful fishes of the sorts at S.E.A. Aquarium. Also bought “thunder tea” at Vivo City!”

July 22

“Day 6: Arrived back in Kuala Lumpur. Visited the dentist, no cavities! Woohoo”

July 23

“Day 7: Flew off to Lang Kawi. Rode a cable car. Played in the waters. Enjoyed a nice buffet. More adventures awaits!”

July 24

“Day 8: Rode a boat, visited a bat cave (no batman though), went to a private beach, saw wild dolphins, dined under the stars. Perfection.”

July 25

“Day 9: Last flight back to KL before going back to Australia. Visited Subang Empire and finally got my Ray-Ban on 50% discount, booyah!”

July 26

“Day 10: Performed with the choir on stage, attended a meeting, shopped at Uniqlo. First slow day, the change in pace was nice.”

July 27

“Day 11: Finally visited The Gardens & Megamall. Splurged on a new perfume & found a new handbag. Also caught up with my cousins at A&W!”

July 28

“Day 12: Tried Haagen-Dazs for the first time. Also stopped by Baskin Robbins b/c the prices are much cheaper here.”

July 29

“Day 13: Visited Petaling St, got a facial & went shopping at Pavilion. Then, a late-night drive around the city & swung by Batu Caves.”

July 30

“Day 14: Last day in Malaysia, last day of my travels. Planes are taking off left & right. Farewell Malaysia! Thank-you for all the memories.”

“My homecoming present from Melbourne: 7 degree weather. At least the air is clear!”


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