Writer’s Block

I’ve been experiencing another writer’s block as of late. That, and I’ve been busy with during the past week. So I sincerely apologise to those who have been madly refreshing this site in hopes of an update.

So what have I been busy with? Well, it was my brother’s birthday on Friday. As promised, I baked him strawberry cupcakes from scratch. I intended to share the recipe with everyone however the frosting didn’t turned out the way I imagined. So I’m going to try again when the weather’s warmer and post about it then. Despite its sloppy appearance, it tasted pretty good.

There was also a very distressing situation with my group members. Don’t you hate it when people don’t pull their weight? Needless to say, I prefer doing individual assignments now. Exams are also coming up in two weeks and I don’t know I’m going to prepare for economics and accounting. I can’t fail any of these units as they’re teaching out my course, so I will probably need to devote most of my attention towards studying.

With that said, I’ve decided to go on a semi-hiatus until my exams are over. This does not mean that there will be no posts, it just means the number and time in which updates are made will vary. If you are interested, I have an Instagram – which I update (almost) daily. I’ve also reached over 100 followers, which probably means I’m doing something right!

To make up for the slack, I thought I might show you guys my outfit on the day from “I must go, my people needs me” and “Giraffe Café“:

Bag – Le Pliage, Top – PLAY Long Sleeve Green Stripe Shirt, Jeans – Valleygirl, Boots – Famous Footwear

I’ve been channeling Aoi Yuu and Natsumi Hayashi, hence the loose-fitting items and splashes of print. The scarf  was a little too much but my scarf collection is quite limited. I put my hair in a top-knot because the messy curls were bugging me, it was also a (poor) homage to Aoi Yuu’s character in Osen.

Before I forget, I bought a new camera! I fell in love with the NEX-5R after using Shen’s, so I decided to invest in one myself. I’m still learning how to use it and maybe in time to come, I will start doing vlogs.

Until next time, take care!



  1. pixieology · May 28, 2013

    Yay Viv! The Nex’s are amazing, good choice hehe. I like your spotted jacket thingy, it’s really cute :3
    Good luck with your exams! I have accounting too, not looking forward to it -.-

    • Vivien · May 28, 2013

      Thanks! I have to thank my mum for buying it for me – Hong Kong has a lot of nice clothing.

      All the best for your exams as well :)

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