I must go, my people needs me

Today hasn’t been a very good day, so I thought I might treat myself with a bit of light blogging!

Come to think of it, I haven’t written anything too personal. Most of the posts on this blog are focused on providing insight and information, which I truly enjoy. However, it’s also nice to just let loose and write whatever comes to mind.

Anyway, I had a week off for Easter last week. A large majority of the week was spent lazing around, I’ve gotten into a terrible habit of napping after each meal. I won’t be surprised if I go into hibernation when Winter finally rolls around. With that said, I did manage to meet up with Shen on Thursday. We spent most of day walking between various locations in the city in search of good food. Needless to say, we were very satisfied.

To burn off the calories, we tried taking levitation shots as inspired by Natsumi Hayashi. I have to say, she makes it look so much easier than it really is. Out of all the photos we took, only one or two came out looking “right”. Let’s just say, there’s definitely more room for improvement! The one I’ve included above is one of my favourites. My other favourite is being used as my avatar icon on my various social network accounts, click here and here. (Shameless self-promotion? Yes, please!)

That aside, nothing has been really happening. I’ve been back at school since yesterday and won’t have another break until late May – which isn’t that far off. Rather than focusing on my studies, I’ve been more concerned with finding a part-time job. As you may remember, I recently resigned from my old job. Commuting was becoming a real strain for my dad, the whole ordeal just wasn’t worth it for me. Now that I’m jobless, I find myself feeling frustrated at the smallest things – especially when I’m window shopping. It’s not good and I’m disappointed with the way I’ve been feeling. I think I need to direct my attention to something more worthwhile, like focusing on my studies and building this blog. I have the rest of my life to slave away at work anyways!



  1. calene · April 13, 2013

    vivi! i love the photo at the top XDD i think Natsumi Hayashi’s photos are epik cool too~!

    • Vivien · April 13, 2013

      Hehe, thank-you Calene! Hopefully I will be able to do her style of photos more justice next time : )

  2. Hilary · April 14, 2013

    Yaay awesome picture! (: I love Natsumi’s work.
    I’m always seeing a lot of things I want to buy but I guess not earning much makes me spend less money on unimportant things. x:

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