Updated: Q-pot. & ViaAlley

UPDATE June 12,2014: ViaAlley has shut down as of March 2014. It’s unfortunate but thank-fully Q-pot. has started shipping internationally! The site is English-friendly, although the range is limited. Click here if you’re interested.

Also, I found out my purchase was a part of the MOKUMOKUMO Collection, which is also available on the link I provided above.

Three months ago I ordered a necklace from the Sydney based website ‘ViaAlley’. You’re only reading about this now because this post was supposed to be published under ‘Moshi Moshi’. However, I decided it would be better to postpone my plans until a later date. With that said, I edited the following pictures with the special watermark and deleted the original copies before reaching this decision. So I apologise for the lack of consistency here but it would’ve been a pity to not use them.

Moving on, Q-pot. is Japanese brand that sells a wide variety of whimsical accessories. They are known for their items that closely resembles sweets and other goodies such as macarons and chocolate. For those who lurk around the internet a lot, they’re the people who made the chocolate phone!

Q-pot. has quite a few flagship store in Japan and one in Honolulu. They also have an online shop for Japanese and U.S. residents. But if you’re like me and you don’t live in either of those countries, the chances of you finding a Q-pot. item is rather unlikely – even if you’re willing to fork out the extra cash. I recommend checking their website for an official reseller in your region.

Anyway, when I first discovered Q-pot. I realised ViaAlley carries some of their item. Being a poor high school student at that time, there was no chance of me purchasing anything from them. So I avoided visiting their website and moved on. A few years later, without knowing why, I went on ViaAlley’s website again. To my delight, they were having a sale on their Q-pot. items. With my recent income, I leaped at the opportunity and made my first purchase. Two weeks later, my precious arrived:

The Q-Clouds necklace is not like their typical collection in that it does not resembles desserts, but it does have that very quirky twist that I find rare in jewellery these days. I chose this piece in particular because I think it is very versatile and has a very timeless, classy look. It was very well-made and the attention to detail is simply beyond what I could comprehend. It’s fair to say I got my money’s worth.

Since we were on the topic of ViaAlley, I thought I’ll do a quick shop review for those who are interested in purchasing from them:


  • Incredibly good communication; they responded to my email almost instantly, not to mention they were quite polite
  • Item came as pictured. Extra points for original packaging!
  • Packaging was secure – three layers of packaging: posting satchel, paper-bag and crepe paper
  • (Relatively) Quick delivery
  • They have discounts!


  • Limited amount of item and stock

I think that about does it. Feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions about purchasing from ViaAlley, I’m sure I missed something.



  1. Shen · March 23, 2013

    The necklace is adorable! I’ve only known of Q-pot from their chocolate phone, but their other products look great as well!

    Looking forward to your next post! I vote Australian Adventures! (:

    • Vivien · March 23, 2013

      I agree. They also have a cafe somewhere in Tokyo I believe. The snacks are supposed to resemble their jewellery :O

  2. Hilary · March 27, 2013

    Ooh wow their items look so cute! The necklace is lovely as well. c:
    I vote Australian Adventures as well. : D

    • Vivien · April 1, 2013

      Thank-you! Hopefully I will be able to add to my collection in the near future ^ ^

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