Epilogue: Malaysian Adventures 2012

We’ve finally reached the end of what seemed to be a year’s long journey. It’s funny to think that it only took me a month to travel around Malaysia but another ten months to write about it.

That aside, I wanted to end things with a some extra pictures from my trip. I originally wanted to make two collages but I’m not very good at that… so once again, let me paint you some word-pictures.

I’m just kidding, I managed to make one collage. The above was my best effort to squeeze in all the yummy food I made with my nephews and my cousin’s wife. As I might’ve mentioned in one of the posts, I went to Malaysia during the Lunar New Year season. Readers living in Asia will probably understand that this is a pretty big deal. Malaysia, of course, goes all out for the festive celebrations with firework displays, over-the-top decorations and plenty of good food. It’s fair to say that you will probably gain some weight over LNY!

The other thing I noticed was the huge Angry Bird craze that hit Malaysian shores. Angry Birds is undoubtedly successful, but I didn’t know it was so popular there. There were Angry Birds slippers, LNY decorations, pillows, backpacks, playing cards, futons, you name it and they’ve got it! I bet you can even find Angry Bird themed packets of tissue. It goes without saying that these items are unlicensed, but regardless of that they are still adorable.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has been reading this series. I must also apologise for how tardy I have been with these posts. I have to admit, I bit off more than I can chew with the number of posts promised. Whether it is online or offline, I usually have a problem committing to the projects I begin. This is why I am very proud that I managed to finish what I started this time around. Furthermore, this project has also help me explore my preferred writing style and has encouraged me to continue blogging.

Once again thank-you for your support and I look forward to our next adventure together!


One comment

  1. jonathanochart · December 30, 2012

    You made that food yourself? It looks like it’s straight from a food magazine – well done! I hope I can make food that looks that appetizing someday (: Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to reading about your future travels!

    – Jonathan I http://styleoverstress.wordpress.com

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