My Milk Toof

This is a follow up to my recent upload on Instagram. I’m a big fan and long time reader of My Milk Toof. If you haven’t heard of that site before, I highly recommend you check it out. Their photos are adorable and the details in each shot is simply amazing. Let’s take a look at the goods:

I purchased Lardee’s Organic Canvas Tote Bag and the Mini Print & Button Set I. As you can see from the first photograph, everything was packed securely and upon opening the box, I was greeted to a very special packing slip.

The corners were secured with a pin of Lardee and to my surprise, something fell out of the folded note. It turned out to be a print from New Couch – Part I .

The cherry-on-top was actually the little doodle inside the note:

Isn’t it adorable? I wasn’t expecting any freebies, let alone a picture drawn by Inhae Lee herself! I also received an email from her double checking my address. The attention to detail in their photos is reflected equally in both their product and their service. If you are looking for gift for a friend this x-mas, give My Milk Toof a go! It’s hard for anyone to resist ickle and Lardee’s cuteness.

Now, where should I shall I place all those pins?



  1. shenshennie · November 27, 2012

    They’re adorable! My Milk Toof is certainly a great site, you can tell that Inhae Lee has taken great time and effort to make everything so flawless as it is. I wasn’t aware that they had such goods though, the bag is super cute! I might check it out myself! Thanks for sharing!

    • iamnotscared · November 27, 2012

      You should! They also have it another version with ickle on it. I’m currently awaiting their vinyl toys, hopefully they will release it soon. I want my own milk toofs! Hahah

  2. Hilary · November 27, 2012

    Aww I love my milk toof! They’re so adorable and her photos are always amazing! The merchandise is super cute as well. I really like the prints and the pins!

    • iamnotscared · November 27, 2012

      Me too. I’m planning to frame them and hang them around my wall. They’re still sitting inside their wrapper right now :(

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