Explained: The World Is Not Scary

Today is a pretty special day. I was prepared to write about Lata Iskandar today but I was greeted with this message when I logged on:

As it turns out, exactly one year ago I registered with WordPress and created this blog. There’s actually a gap between my first post and this date, and the reason for this was pretty straight forward: I was lazy, and perhaps a little scared. The reason takes us to early 2011.

Some of you may already know that I was in my final year of high school last year. Back then I was sharing my woes on a sited title “Carpe Diem: Vitam sine ullo vive desiderio“, which loosely translate to “Seize the Day: Live Life without Any Regrets”. I feel a little red-faced reading my older posts, I may have been a bit melodramatic. It makes sense though, all that mattered last year was my studies and a four-digit number which was supposed to determine my future. In fact, you can still sense this in my earlier posts.

On the night of November 18 2011, after my final exam, I felt scared. Up until that very point everything I was working towards was getting into university. I didn’t have to wake up at 7AM and put on a uniform anymore, and with exams over there wasn’t anything I can do about my results. The uncertainty made the world seem scary. Like Carpe Diem, I wanted the name of the blog to be a reminder. This time I wanted to remind myself to not be afraid to try new things, regardless of how terrifying it may appear.

I actually had the idea of making this blog prior to school finishing, I remember discussing the ambitions I had for this site with my friends during classes. Blogging has been a very integral part of my life since 2008, I’ve been making and abandoning them during various stages of my schooling life – Peach Evolution (Year 10 – Year 11), Carpe Diem (Year 12).

The only logical step for me to take at the end of Year 12 was to create this blog. However, I wanted this blog to be more than just an emotional outlet. I wanted it to be a space where I can share the adventures I have, great and small. Which leads us to today, a week after officially finishing my first year in uni.

A lot has changed this year and I’ve learnt a few valuable lessons. I thought I might share with those who have just finished high school:

  • Your results won’t determine your future. That’s guaranteed because you can always transfer into your ideal course.
  • There’s also no shame in how low your scores might be, most of your future classmates couldn’t care less and your family will love you no matter what.
  • Friendships are precious but they are not forever. Don’t be too hung up on relationships that drift apart, just be grateful for each moment that you have.

I’ve taken baby steps to try things that seem “scary”. There’s still a lot of things that I’m unsure of but I hope to continue making my mark on this world. Although there aren’t many of you, I’d like to say thank-you for the continual support. Your comments, likes and views are muchly appreciated.

Here’s to another year of blogging!



  1. Meg · November 23, 2012

    Naaaw Viv this is the cutest post c: I totally agree with you about the lessons you’ve learned. Year 12 feels like the end of the world or something, but it really isn’t.
    I can’t wait to see what else we can prove to be not-so-scary after all in the future! :)

  2. Teacup · November 23, 2012

    What you said above is definitely all true, ending year 12 really was a huge change for all of us but it’s not the end! But time sure flies, it’s already been a year since. That said, congrats on your blog’s anniversary!

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