Chapter 2 – Part 3 : Thai Buddhist Temple & Local Beaches in Penang

I’m sure many of you feel the same way I do about travelling with children: it can be quite enjoyable, but for the most part, it’s quite mentally demanding. Which was why I was quite relieved when my mother’s friend took the two of us out.

During my visit to Penang, we visited two other temples. Out of three of them, Wat Chaiyamangalaram was the most memorable.

As you can see from the photograph above, Wat Chaiyamangalaram has quite an open courtyard. Aside from its main attraction, there isn’t much to look at. There are street vendors along the outer walls of the temple and they have a few items for sale inside the temple too, but that’s about it in terms of souvenir shopping.I should also mention that they have a vending machine that tells your fortune! If you’re in that area, I suggest you give Lorong Burma a visit- there’s plenty to look and it’s right across the street.

You must be wondering why I’m talking about this temple when there’s another, supposedly, more interesting temple next door. Well, this is because Wat Chayamangalaram is home to the third largest Reclining Buddha in the world. Don’t believe me? Take a look.

The atmosphere in there is completely different from outside, for one, it’s a lot cooler inside. Jokes aside, the place did give off a rather spiritual vibe. The high ceiling and attention to detail put into every little corner is incredibly impressive. It must’ve taken a lot of resource and time to build this temple. From what I’ve read, there’s also a lot of history behind how the temple came to be. It is free of charge to see the Reclining Buddha, but please be mindful to take off your shoes before entering.

Moving along, one cannot say they’ve been to Penang without visiting any local beaches. Penang has got its fair share of beaches, some more smelly than the others- one of the beaches we went to had a storm pipe right in the middle, gross. Don’t fret though, the one that I’m sharing with you all is quite nice.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Batu Frengghi! It has got to be one of the nicest (public) beaches I’ve been to in Malaysia. The water is pretty clean and the general cleanliness of the place just impresses me. I remember seeing a used diaper in the water at Port Dickson, it was traumatic I tell you.

… I apologise for that horrendous  imagery. Here are more lovely shots of the beach to distract your mind.

That kind of does it for this post, it’s kind of short now that I think about it. I wish I had a lot more photos to show you of Georgetown, but like I mentioned in Part 1, there were a lot of events going on at the time of our visit. As a result, we couldn’t go to many places without running into bad traffic. Penang certainly has a lot more to offer, perhaps we can save this for the next Malaysian Adventure.

Just a quick note, if you’re renting a car in Malaysia and intend to drive to Penang. I encourage you to take the bridge when driving in, it’s quite an experience! However, on the way back, you may opt out for the ferry. They only charge you on the way to Penang, so it does help save you a few ringgit. You also get a good scenic view of the island as you leave.

I also urge you to try the for kai-see hor-fun (鸡丝河粉) in Ipoh. We made a pitstop at one of the vegetarian restaurants there and I haven’t stopped thinking about it until this day. It’s a must have delicacy, you won’t regret it.

With that delicious note, I end this chapter.

Next up: Chapter 3!

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  1. kittysramble · August 9, 2012

    The temples you go to looks amazing compared to the ones I go to in Malaysia LOL. And your beach photos makes me want summer right now. It reminds me of how much I miss the sun hahaha. :/

    • iamnotscared · August 11, 2012

      That’s exactly how I felt when I was writing this post. :( I can’t wait for Summer!

  2. shenshennie · August 9, 2012

    That temple looks lovely! I love all the detail they have on everything. If you ever go to Bali though, do take a look at the temples there – they are fabulous! That aside, the beach looks great – when I stayed at one of the resorts in Penang, the closest beach was the not-so-desirable one, so it’s a good thing that you went to a nicer one!

    • iamnotscared · August 11, 2012

      I’d love to visit Bali one day! I hear the weather there is more humid though, hopefully the heat won’t stop me from enjoying the scenery. :(

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