Chapter 2 – Part 2 : Penang Butterfly Farm

After visiting the near by beaches, we decided to visit the Penang Butterfly Farm. This part of my visit was more for the enjoyment of my cousin’s children, but I had fun too!
That has got to be the cutest butterfly mascot I’ve ever seen, its name is “Orni”. I love the extra details added in celebration of the Lunar New Year, you certainly wouldn’t see something like this in Australia!

You’d expect the butterfly farm to be very humid but I think it is more or less the same as outside, perhaps less sunny. As you can see in the photo above, there have little flora shaped plaques all around. Many of them are about the life-cycles of particular insects, whereas others are about what you can and cannot do inside the farm. If memory serves me right, the information is available in both English and in Malay; hopefully nothing is lost in translation!

As you would imagine, the environment there is very interactive. The staff are well informed and seem to be quite passionate about their profession. Apart from butterflies, they also have a myriad of exotic plants, fishes, amphibians and insects- which includes scorpions, spiders, fishes, banana plants and a rather grumpy iguana.

Above is a photo of two butterflies mating- don’t worry! they are being handled carefully. It was quite interesting because when the tour guide released the couple, one of them hung there leisurely while the other was working hard to flutter away. Many of us were sympathetic towards the one doing all the work, but at the same time found it difficult not to laugh at the sight of it.

The highlight of the visit was actually at the very end of the tour. After being led around various areas, the guide took out a tray of transparent containers and passed it out to the visitors. Inside each container was a butterfly that are ready to be released. It was pretty exciting to see butterfly takes their first flight, there’s just something incredibly mesmerising about butterflies.

There was another outdoor section which I didn’t get to see, perhaps you guys can tell me about it if you do go!

That’s about it for this long awaited post. I’ve just gotten back to university, so it’ll be a while until I settle in. Hopefully I’ll be able to publish another Food Adventure soon!

For more information, please visit the site below:



  1. kittysramble · July 26, 2012

    Oooh how did it feel to have a caterpillar crawling on your hand? Haha. Anyway it sounds like a really nice visit looking and watching the butterflies. They’re so pretty lol :)

    • iamnotscared · July 26, 2012

      To be honest, that was my nephew’s hand! I think I would’ve dropped the little fella if it was climbing on me. Hahahah!

  2. shenshennie · July 26, 2012

    I think I went there as well. I’m not as brave as you though, I don’t quite like butterflies so close! It’s great that you enjoyed it though. Hope uni’s not too overwhelming for you!

    • iamnotscared · July 26, 2012

      I was surprised I had such fun too, I thought I was going to melt from the heat. Haha.

      Thanks Shen! Hopefully uni will be okay you too, let’s work hard this semester!

  3. Hilary · July 27, 2012

    AWW. The mascot is so cute. : D
    It’s so cool you got to see butterflies released. O: Whenever I go see them they’re so far away and I never get a good look at them. D;
    Ooh the caterpillars look kinda interesting. But creepy. ;-;

    • iamnotscared · July 27, 2012

      The caterpillars were really interesting! A bit too ticklish for my liking though, haha!

  4. Meg · July 27, 2012

    Naw Viv, I’m so jelly of all the places you got to go to! It sounds really cute, especially the end where you get to release the butterflies :)

    • iamnotscared · July 27, 2012

      Hahah, thanks Megan. ^^ I was supposed to go to Hong Kong during this trip too but we didn’t end up going. Looking back now, it does seem like I did visit many places!

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