Chapter 1 – Part 2 : Genting Skyway and Doraemon

Just a heads up, this post is going to be relatively short! Many of the photos I took were not up to par; quality over quantity right? Don’t worry, I can guarantee  the next post is filled plenty of photos.
The thing you see above is a gondola lift from Genting Skyway, offering visitors a different mode of transport to Resort World Genting. The lift is quite cute isn’t it? The shape reminds me of strawberries. If memory serves me right, they also had special Ribena inspired ones.

I have never been on a gondola lift before. During my previous visits, we would usually drive to the peak. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out we were travelling by cable car!

Genting Skyway is extremely popular among tour groups, which means the queue gets ridiculously long in an incredibly short amount of time. If you want to shotgun a gondola for just your and your family, be sure to arrive before peak hours.

The ride is around 15 minutes, I imagine it would feel longer for people with a fear of height or tight spaces. Genting is usually quite foggy but you can see pretty far out on a clear day. If you’re lucky, you might just spot a wild monkey swinging on the trees below. Genting Skyway also made an effort to place some … interesting statue for passengers to spot.

Once you arrive at the upper station, it’s just a matter of taking the elevator upstairs.

There are tonnes of hotels, restaurants and shops at Resort World Genting. They even have several theme parks on site! Unfortunately I didn’t go on any of the rides, hence the lack of information on that account. However, I did visit to Doraemon Mall. Doraemon Mall is a separate part of the Doraemon World 2012 exhibition, celebrating the 100 years before the birth of the blue robotic cat. I spent a good portion of my red-packet on the merchandises, it was just too cute to pass up. We also bought six dorayaki ice-cream just for the limited edition bag- it was madness I tell you!

You can read more about the exhibition here.

The weather was foggier on the way back, I was tempted to squeeze my hand between the small window just to feel the clouds. You could not see anything but whiteness as the gondola becomes engulfed by the cloud; it was hauntingly beautiful.

Enough of that fluffy stuff (pardon the pun), here is a photo for all the car lovers. Everyone, meet the Ferrari Gang of Genting:

It’s not everyday that you see a bunch of luxury cars parked next to each other like this, they must be a part of some elite social group. Pity they were not in colour order!

This concludes Chapter 1 of the Malaysian Adventure. Chapter 2 will be a bit delayed  because of my exams, but it is well worth the wait. So continue to keep to keep an eye on this space! (Alternatively, follow @IAmNotScared for progress updates!)



  1. Meg · May 30, 2012

    Naw, I love your posts Viv! LOL I wish I had those cars :P

    • iamnotscared · June 14, 2012

      Hehe, thanks Meg!
      I wish I had those cars too, I would sell it to buy lots of mini coopers. Hehe

  2. shenshennie · May 31, 2012

    Doraemon looks so adorable! I didn’t know there was still so much interesting stuff at Genting. The Skyway sounds so fun as well! I’m not a fan of heights but the view would have been worth it. Lovely pics, waiting for the next post!

    • iamnotscared · June 14, 2012

      I have a clip Doraemon dancing, I’ll show you next time. But yes, there’s heaps of new attractions there. We should go there together the next time we’re in Malaysia!

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