Miss Marple’s Tea Room

After our little pitstop at Mangana Arts and Craft, we found ourselves in line at Miss Maple’s Tea Room.

Miss Marple’s Tea Room is located at Sassafras, a couple of minutes drive from Olinda. The name  may ring a bell for a few of you, and for those who don’t, she is a character crafted by Agatha Christie. The tea room draws inspiration from Miss Marple’s home in the quaint old village of St. Mary Head, with tables endowed with floral tablecloths and scones served in woven baskets.

Personally I’ve never read any of Agatha Christie’s book but I did have a lovely time at Miss Marple’s Tea Room.

Be warned though: Miss Marple’s Tea Room is quite popular and they don’t take bookings- wait list only. Waiting time takes around 20 minutes or so, if you are keen on trying their main courses be sure to arrive well before 4:00PM!

I’m not an expert on scones but I do believe the Devonshire scones were incredibly well-made. They were served warm with a light dusting of icing sugar, accompanied with freshly whipped cream and their home-brand raspberry jam. I should also commend them for their hot chocolate, the layer at the top is actually a thin foam of melted marshmallow. Thinking about it makes me salivate!

All in all, Miss Marple’s Tea Room is a wonderful place to visit in the Dandenong Ranges. It requires a bit of patience at the beginning but the experience is definitely worth the wait!

For more information, please visit the site below:





  1. shenshennie · April 27, 2012

    Miss Marples is very popular! Their jams are too sweet even for a sweet-tooth like me, but I do love their tea! Love the setting of the place, it’s so cute. Lovely pictures :D

    • iamnotscared · April 29, 2012

      Haha, to be honest I’ve never heard of it until my cousin sister recommended it. ^^ But it is a lovely place isn’t it? Especially on a warm Autumn day!

      Thanks again for the kind comments Shen. :)

  2. Hilary · April 30, 2012

    Ooh the place looks nice. And the food looks good. : D I haven’t had scones in aaaages.

    • iamnotscared · May 5, 2012

      We should go together sometime! Perhaps when one of us can drive, haha

  3. Meg · May 15, 2012

    Naw Miss Marples looks so quaint and nice Viv! :)
    The cakes look really nice too :O
    Hope everything is going well for you! <3

    • iamnotscared · May 15, 2012

      Thanks Meg! We still have to have a proper catch up! Up for a little thrifting in the near future?

      :) Good luck for your exams!

  4. Jasmine · May 15, 2012

    Omg next time you go, definitely try their waffles and sundae! They are so bloody delicious but I love how it’s so nice and cozy in there. :)

    • iamnotscared · May 15, 2012

      Thanks for the recommendation Jasmine! I was actually craving waffles that day! Unfortunately they weren’t serving them when I was there, I shall have to go back and taste them myself!

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