Gachapon (ガチャポン): Toon Link

I am not one who usually shops, especially on Boxing Day. Simply thinking about huge crowds and the effort involved gives me a headache; I really don’t see the appeal! However, I did end up visiting Fountain Gate with Georgina yesterday.

My beloved Nintendo DS needs replacing, so I popped by some of the nearby gaming stores. To my dismay, none of the 3DS were on offer! But that’s besides the point of today’s post. What I wanted to show-off is my recent purchase: A figurine of Toon Link!

If you haven’t recognised it already, this is from the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I know it’s a bit of a silly purchase but I couldn’t help it- I absolutely love that game. It is the very first game I’ve played from the series. Everything was done so creatively and the storyline was so engaging.

Link is one of the five in the set, with Lineback, Tetra, Daigoron & Maigoron and Phantom completing the rest. Each of them, with the exception of the Gorons, come with some sort of accessory:

  • Link: Phantom Hourglass
  • Lineback: Green rupee (How appropriate!)
  • Tetra: Heart Container
  • Phantom: Force Gem

These are “gachapon” and unless if you were like me and try to peak through the small holes, you will not know which one you have. Priced around $5AUD at Game Traders for one, it’s quite a costly gamble trying to complete the rest of the set. There are completed sets available on eBay but I think that takes away all the fun of getting a gachapon; not to mention they are slightly overpriced online. It’s a safer bet to visit the store yourself and maximise your luck of getting the different ones!

*Produced by TOMY. Gachapon Reference No. 8069


As some of you may already know, I recently graduated from high school. My intentions are to study Bachelor of Communications in Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. However, I did not get the required marks for English. Which is why I had to pop by the city campus to ask a few questions regarding the pathway.

Thankfully Caroline was kind enough to accompany me on the day. She was craving Japanese food from our last outing together, so we decided to have lunch at Kenzan. As the name suggests, Kenzan serves Japanese cuisine. It is located in Melbourne’s General Post Office, on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Bourke Street.

Just to clear up any confusion, GPO no longer serves as an office of Australia Post. It became a retail centre after being restored in 2004 and now houses an array of upmarket stores. I’m usually quite intimidated by place like the GPO but I can’t say “no” to potentially good food.

There’s not much to offer in terms of interior design; it was very simple and basic. What they lack in atmosphere, they make up for in their food and customer service.
I had originally ordered the Vegetable Donburi but they weren’t able to make it for me that day, which was rather disappointing. However, I was recommended something even better- their vegetarian yakisoba. The presentation of the dish surpasses many places and that’s saying a lot for a plate of fried noodle! I had a quick glance at Caroline’s obento and it also looked very appetising! If I’m being completely honest, it was more appetising than Izakaya Chuji. Their obento were accompanied by several small appetisers, such as edamame beans and Japanese omelette. To be completely fair though, their obento are set and do not allow you to customise it like Izakaya Chuji- not to mention the price is slightly higher!

For more information, please visit these links:

TOPSHOP and Izakaya Chuji

2011 has undoubtably been a busy year for the Australian fashion industry. Being a land “girt by sea” Australia is constantly lagging behind, whether it is fashion or technology. So it was to my delight when Zara decided to call Melbourne’s Bourke Street “home.”

It was not until I heard on the radio that I realised that Topshop had also recently set-up shop in Chapel Street. Chapel Street is renowned for its myriads of shops, ranging from high-end stores to old school pawnshops.

Caught up in the hype, I dragged Caroline along to visit Topshop. The prices were as expected: beyond the grasp of unemployed students such myself. We also took the opportunity to visit Izakaya Chuji.

There are many Japanese restaurants here in Melbourne and to be frank, few can be considered decent; which is why I enjoy eating at Chuji. The interior is also quite true to the izakaya style with its dim lighting and large posters of pasted on its walls.

They are better known for their bento and upon arrival, you will be handed  an ordering sheet individually. Vegetarians simply tick vegetarian option at the bottom. The set usually comes with rice, miso soup, agedashi tofu, vegetable tempura, maki rolls and stir-fried vegetables.

Alternatively, you can go through each section of the menu and select one from each category- creating your own personalised set. The prices is quite reasonable, for $14.50 you get a filling meal with a variety dishes.